The Proper Production of the Videography of Animals

To make proper videography for animals is both nerve- wracking and expensive. Anything can go wrong along the way. It is best to be prepared for worse case scenarios (losing the animal) and be on your A-game. Animals are great to work with, and it can be a really fun day on set, but don’t forget you’re there to get incredible shots. A great place to learn how to produce videos with animals is in Miami. Miami video production is a great location to learn how to deal with animals. Florida’s plethora of exotic animals, allows beginners to be truly exposed to shooting videos with animals.

1. Preparation is the key.

Animals can be moody and misbehave on several occasions. If you don’t know how to make them calm down, hire somebody who knows how. A dog trainer or a horse whisperer can help you with this.

2. Shooting with animals can last few days.

Arm yourself with enough number of batteries, memory cards, lighting system and food that can keep you and your staff last longer.

3. Go for simple shots first as you study the behavior of the animal.

Once you understand how it behaves and how much time he can stay in one position, that’s the time you aim for complicated shots.

4. Have the right lenses.

Capture the moment by using high-speed shutter as it will prevent excessive motion blur. Use different angles depending on where the animal is looking at. A bird’s eye view for an animal staring up is a good example.

5. Always be prepared!

Keep the camera rolling as the animal is in motion. With high-speed shutter, it is impossible not to get at least one good shot of the animal while it is on the run.

6. Bribing the animals goes a long way.

If you want the animals to do specific movements, give them a treat. Ask them to come closer with a food in your hand. Motion them to move to other direction by sending one of your staff in that direction with the animal’s favorite toy.

7. Shooting outdoors should be fun.

You should not have a problem shooting outdoor as natural light can provide most of your lighting requirement. Since you are filming an animal, the more natural the light appears the better. You might need some reflector and shades from time to time but lighting is not difficult to handle in making videos featuring animals.

8. Prepare for some mishaps.

They can bite, kick, or harm you in any possible way. Keep first aid kit and a medic in stand-by. We call it animal instinct. Animals want to stay with nature or with their caretaker. Once their habitat is disturbed, you will pay a high price. Be prepared because some animal’s attack can lead to serious physical injury or even death if not treated right away. Others can cause minor illness like allergy, asthma and some irritation concerns.

9. Control your emotions.

Don’t be too excited when you see a very cute koala or you freaked out after seeing a snake. Your reactions can drive animals away or stress them and make them feel uncomfortable during the entire shooting. Control yourself first before you can control your subject.

Filming animals is not a joke. There will always be responsibilities and risks behind it. However, if you do it well that will be your most rewarding accomplishment ever as you make an unlikely actor behave very well and look so handsome on your video.

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