About Us

So you landed here, on the website where the success of your business starts.

First, let us show you how we can be your partner for success. We, Foobar 2000 Video Production is a video production company based in Miami invests in our creativity, professional ethics, and heart for your business to guarantee an effective video that will help maintain and propel your company to be on top. Our dedicated team is overflowing with ideas to help your business turn prospects into real buyers. Our finished products are so moving that the message of your video reverberates into the audience consciousness.

If your business is looking for someone who is also obsessed with the word “SUCCESS”, that’s definitely us. We share the same passion; we feel that our success hugely depends on your success after releasing the video. Our mission to help you does not end in video production. We want to be with you for a while as you harness the potential of our video to reach a new market.

Our Team

You are a huge part of the team. The whole production will start from your ideas- what do you want to achieve and how do you want your videos to be like. In other words, you are half of the brain. The creative half, leave it to us. We have a team that is diverse in skills but united in one goal-to create the perfect video fit for you.  Our skill sets are composed of advanced experiences in strategic brand marketing, web analytics as well as cinematography, video editing, writers, creative design and motion pictures. Our team is extremely fun to hang-out with, hungry for results, and can work non-stop until you get what you want.

Our Mission

Today’s top marketing strategy is to use the video to deliver relevant information to a specific target audience.  Video is the most effective marketing solutions out there because it holds the interest of more people. Your target market will most likely watch a video rather than read flyers, case-study, blog, or e-mail. A one-minute video is more effective than thousands of pictures and words put together.

At Foobar 2000 Video Production, our talents are aimed at creating superior imagery and effective video solutions that will compel the viewers to act in your favor.

Give us a call today and let us help you make a complete overhaul to your business.